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Quill is a seven piece music group originally from Birmingham UK which blends Rock, Folk and Americana styles with a unique blend of drums and percussion, violin and beautiful vocal harmonies.
2019 sees the launch of a brand new line-up that includes the legendary drummer Bev Bevan, known all over the world as a member of ELO, The Move and Black Sabbath.

Joy Strachan-Brain: Vocals
Abby Brant: Keyboards, Vocals
Kate McWilliam: Violin, Vocals
John Jowitt: Bass
Lee Evans: Guitar
Andy Edwards: Drums, Percussion
Bev Bevan: Drums, Percussion


  1. Listened to your first album. While a solid 8.5/10, why was the sound compressed so? There is actual crackle in the sound sometimes.

  2. You are the Kwil that released Spent The Rent bw Every Little Thing?


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