1. i used to come see you guys gig at greet 1983/84 ..missed last night due to ongoing lung disease seems only yesterday xx

  2. I remember those never forgotten days when every Sunday evening,my brother and I would take a trip over Barr Beacon to see Jim, bossman at The Three Crowns and a fantastic resident band by the name of Quill. They loved the audience,and every Sunday evening the place was packed with hobbin and a bobbin admiring fans being sublimely entertained by Joy, Ben and her very melodic crew.
    One of my most treasured possessions is a single 45 they released....Say it aint so.
    I wasn't aware that you had this official website so, belated condolences to you Joy on your sad loss of a truly personable and endearing man.
    Your band has etched its own little my brain...and in my heart.


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